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Wireless Weather Link

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Weather plays such a role in our daily life that it is one of the most popular parts of news presentation in print and the electronic media. And for good reason. Weather influences everything from what we wear, how we travel when we do things and what we eat.

Then there is the concept of a comfort zone. Even though we humans are masters of existing in diverse habitats from the frozen tundra to the tropics our tolerance of temperature is actually quite narrow. We get around a lack of comfort by wearing warm or cool clothes, by clustering around heaters or turning on the air conditioning.

A smart modern way of keeping tabs on the weather, particularly as it affects our home precinct, is to install a weather station.

Holman have introduced the new iWeather intelligent environmental data weather station. The system consists of a data gathering station which is mounted on the outside of your home and transmits the collected data wirelessly to a pad inside the house that has all the readings and results.

What can it tell you about the weather?

  • Wind direction and speed.
  • Temperature indoors and out, there’s a comfort zone with alarms possible when you improve into the discomfort zone.
  • Rain guage
  • Barometric pressure with a history so you can see trends in this predictive measure
  • Humidity has a real role in human comfort this is shown for outside and indoors
  • Moon phases if you like to garden the lunar way
  • Digital clock
  • Forecasts are based on barometric pressure
  • History gives you information on the last 12 hours of humidity
  • Comfort indicator
  • Daily alarm if you need to do something at the same time every day like wake up for example. And yes there is a snooze button.


Product Code: WS2813A
Brand: Holman
Technical Details: Indoor Unit
• Time display in 12/24 format
• Continuous perpetual calendar up to 2099
• Display of Date, Month and Day of week
• Day of week display available in 7 languages, i.e. German, English, Italian, French, Dutch Spanish,Danish.
• Weeks Display
• Dual alarm with snooze function (alarm will activate every five minutes)
• 5 weather forecasts: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy, weather symbol can be selected manually.


• Altitude-setting for calculation of air pressure.
• Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
• Thermometer measuring range inside: 0°C to +50 °C , outside -20°C~60 °C
• Temperature display elective in °C or °F
• Temperature alert
• Sun Rise Sun Set/moon rise moon set for 175 cities
• Moon phase
• Low battery indication)
• Blue background illumination LED.
• Battery: 2 x AA, LR06, 1.5V

Outdoor sensor:
• Frequency: 433 MHz
• Battery: 2 x AAA, LR03, 1.5V
• 3 channels
• Transmitting distance: 50M open area.
• Sit at least 1 meter of the ground.