iGardener Smartphone AppiGardener™

Take full control of your garden watering and lighting with a Bluetooth® connection and a tap of your iPhone or Android, with the iGardener™ smartphone app!

iGardener Smartphone App

Schedule your watering with iGardener™

Water manually

Control multiple devices

Watering with iGardener™

Control your watering from the palm of your hand. We’ve got you covered from the standard household tap, all the way to a full 8 station solenoid valve setup.

Light up your garden with iGardener™

Light any area, any colour

Set your own on/off routine

Lighting with iGardener™

Extend the fun beyond sunset with our Garden Lights and the iGardener™ smartphone app. Set schedules, control colours and dim lights, all with a simple Bluetooth® connection.

Take control
with iOS and  Android

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