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We strive to empower anyone with a DIY attitude to enhance their outdoor environment and enjoy their home on new levels.

Our wide range allows us to supply accessories to fulfil very specific outdoor requirements, so we are putting together resources to help from choosing the right tool for the job, right through to extensive setup and usage tips.

If what you’re looking for isn’t here, you can find additional information in our Manuals and FAQs.

Tap Timers

Level 1: Tap Timer Range Overview

Browse Tap Timers

Level 2: Tap Timer Categories

Mechanical Tap Timers
2 Dial Tap Timers
Digital Tap Timers


Smart Control Tap Timers


Level 3, Set Up + Program: Two Dial Timers

Two Dial Tap Timer
Two Dial LP Tap Timer
Two Dial Tap Timer

Level 3, Set Up + Program: Digital Tap Timers


WaterWhiz™ 200

Browse WaterWhiz™ Tap Timer Range

Pro Series Tap Timer
Misting Tap Timer
Automatic Tap Timer

Browse Automatic Tap Timer

Level 3, Set Up + Program: Smart Control Tap Timers

Smart Valve

Browse BTX1 Smart Valve

Holman Bluetooth® Tap Timer

Browse Holman Bluetooth® Tap Timer

Solenoid Valves

Level 1: Solenoid Valve Range Overview


Level 2: Solenoid Valve Features

VHF5125T Screwtop Solenoid Valve

Browse VHF5125T Solenoid Valve

KR7001K-Rain Screwtop Solenoid Valve


KR7101K-Rain Screwtop Solenoid Valve

Browse K-Rain KR7101

KR7101JK-Rain Jartop Solenoid Valve


KR7102K-Rain Screwtop Solenoid Valve


KR7115K-Rain Screwtop Solenoid Valve


Gear Drive Sprinklers

Level 1: Gear Drive Sprinkler Range Overview

Browse Gear Drive Sprinklers

Level 2: Gear Drive Sprinkler Features

SH7500 Gear Drive Sprinkler

Browse SH7500 Gear Drive Sprinkler

RPS® 75i Gear Drive Sprinkler

Browse K-Rain RPS® 75i

K1 Gear Drive Sprinkler

Browse K-Rain K1

K2 Gear Drive Sprinkler

Browse K-Rain K2

K5 Gear Drive Sprinkler

Browse K-Rain K5

Popup Sprinklers

Level 1: Popup Sprinkler Range Overview

Browse Popup Sprinklers

Level 2: Popup Sprinkler Features

Fixed Nozzle


Variable Nozzle


Rotating Nozzle


Flush Cap


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