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Our Hose Fittings are engineered to last in harsh outdoor conditions with no leaks, drips or blow offs.

We’ve all lived through the nightmare of fittings bursting off the hose. Holman Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® is an Australian designed innovation that guarantees no leaks, with enhanced security over standard fittings while maintaining the reusability that is lacking in machine fitted hoses.

Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® works with an extra long barbed tail that grips the inside of the garden hose, while a plastic compression ring locks down on the outside of the hose for a superior connection, guaranteeing no leaks, drips or blow offs. With Hose Fittings available 12mm Plastic, 12mm Brass and 18mm Brass, Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® is ready for any garden.

Choose from heavy duty brass or long-lasting plastic fittings, which are easy to to attach and offer a reliable connection.

Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® Videos

For more Hose Fitting videos, tutorials and information, check out our YouTube Channel.

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