Discontinued — Bluetooth® Smart Electronic Tap Timer

Holman presents to you, the Smart Control gardener range. An ever increasing range of garden watering and irrigation control equipment that are controllable via your Smart Phone. In both iOS and Android formats.

iWater™ watering control products allow you to use your Smart Phone to control all the programming and interface functions on your tap timers or irrigation controllers. Download the App at no cost and you will soon have total control of your garden watering.

The Holman Water App allows you to run up to 8 tap timers. These tap timers will automatically WATER SEQUENTIALLY once they are programmed via your smart-phone or tablet. This means that tap timer No 1 will water first and when the allotted time is run it will switch off and tap timer No 2 will open up. This continues until all tap timers programmed on the App are run.

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Can my timer run on low pressure or tank pressure?

  • No, this timer runs from mains pressure and will need between 250kPa and 600kPa. The average household tap pressure is around 300kPa.

How many tap timers can I run?

  • You can have up to 8 timers connected to the iWater app. Only one timer should be scheduled to run at a time. Your timers can be programmed to run one after the other.

Do I need to be within the 20m Bluetooth range for my timer to run its program?

  • Your timer does not need to be within range once you have sent the program. You will need to be within 20m to send the program to your timer initially, then it is held by your timer until you change it again.

My timer will not run in manual mode.

  • To run your timer manually from your device, you must have a program set to the timer, as well as a manual run time. If you are running it from the timer, there must still be a manual time set in the program.

Why is my timer not connecting to my phone?

  • Check your phone’s compatibility. iPhone 5 or higher. Samsung GalaxyS5 or higher (be sure to ALLOW location settings). Check you are using the iWater app, not iGardener. Check also that the timer is not locked. Hard reset if necessary by removing the batteries for 15mins then reinserting.

My timer shows it is watering but there is no water coming through?

  • There may be an airlock in the system. Disconnect the timer and reset it. Flush your irrigation system before attaching it to the timer again.

My timer will not turn off after the programmed run time?

  • This may be a pressure issue, introduce a pressure reducer, at the tap, before the timer.

Is my timer suitable for short-run drip or micro-spray irrigation?

  • Yes, although a pressure reducer placed on the tap, before the timer is recommended. If only running a few drippers or sprayers, it is not suitable. Use the CO1603.

How do I reset my timer?

  • Simply remove the battery for 5-10 mins then reinsert. Your timer will be reset to default.

Is it OK to use my timer over winter?

  • We do not recommend the use of your timer over the winter period. It will not handle low temperatures, below 3 degrees Celsius may damage the timer. We advise the timer to be removed over the winter period or allowed to drain if left on the tap.

Can I get spare parts for my timer?

  • Yes, some parts are available for this timer. Please contact us.