iWeather Wireless Weather Link

With Outdoor Sensor

The iWeather™ Weather Link unit takes many measurements, which are all displayed on a large easy to read LCD screen and includes an indoor and outdoor sensor. Integrated functions include time, day/date, Celsius and Fahrenheit, indoor and outdoor humidity, moon phases, weather forecast and indoor/outdoor temperature.

The large LCD screen displays concise weather data and the unit has a transmission range of 30 meters in an open area. Actual distance may vary due to environmental conditions and will certainly be shortened with any interference such as a concrete wall in a house.

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WS2813A Weather Wireless Weather Link

iWeather Weather Link

Battery Powered Outdoor Sensor
Easy to read LCD Display

Local weather data points including:
  • Indoor Temperature
  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Indoor Humidity
  • Outdoor Humidity
  • Time & Date
  • Moon Phase
  • Forecast
  • Temperature Alert
  • Daily Alarm