16 Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler

The oscillating sprinkler is often used for watering large sections of lawn or garden at the one time, the spray pattern is rectangular in shape, and it can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes. When set to the maximum coverage, (full pattern, 90° rotation) it has a maximum coverage of 300m².

The sprinkler is equipped with two adjustment levers (left & right), which can be adjusted independently between the maximum 90-degree angle to suit the lawn area. This allows you to water up to an edge. The centre spray pattern feature is great for median strips or narrow lawns, with the flexibility of this oscillating sprinkler, watering has never been so EASY!

  • 300m² max rectangular coverage
  • 20 × 15m max coverage area
  • Ideal for LARGE lawns
  • Adjustable spray angle

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Lawn Size

Large Lawn



Watering Tips

Watering Tips

Watering Tips:

1. Water early morning to overcome windy conditions & reduce evaporation.
2. Use a watering gauge to check how long it takes to apply approximately 10mm of water. This is the ideal time.
3. Watering frequency should be varied with the weather conditions. Do not water more than every second day.



My oscillating sprinkler will no turn

  • Make sure the bar is in the centre when starting to water. If it is not, it will not turn properly.

The holes are blocked and no water will come out.

  • There is a cleaning tool in the end of the sprinkler, this is to clean the holes. Our video shows exactly how to use this tool.


  • Ideal for watering lawns & large landscapes
  • Easy to adjust spray pattern
  • Left & right spray pattern
  • Self cleaning rubber nozzles
  • Includes 12mm sprinkler adaptor
  • Quick release end plug to flush spray arm
  • End plug removes debris from nozzles
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Full colour retail packaging. (barcoded)