Oscillator with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

Water in large rectangular blocks with the Oscillator! This sprinkler has an adjustable flow rate, angle and coverage to reach each corner of your large lawn.

  • Ideal for large lawns!
  • Adjustable spray area by both length and width
  • Turbine powered gear driven movement control
  • UV resistant plastic, built for the harsh Aussie sun
  • Adjustable flow rate for finer area control

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Lawn Size

Large Lawn




with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

  • 360m² max rectangular coverage
  • 30 × 12m max coverage area
  • Ideal for LARGE lawns
  • Adjustable spray angle
  • Variable area control, W + L
  • Internal Weights for solid base
  • 12mm Snap-On Double O-Ring Connection
  • Sprinkler 15mm BSP Female Head

With Interchangeable Head + Base

  • Model number: 7180H
  • Product dimensions: 190 × 120 × 190mm
  • Package dimensions: 95 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 9.6L/min