Discontinued — Holman Pro+46 Controller

Designed for residential applications, the PRO46 has four individual programs with four starts per program, equalling a maximum of sixteen starts per day.

Great for efficient watering of turf, garden beds and landscaped areas. Along with HOLMAN’s RSR™ technology allowing stations to be under rain sensor control, the PRO46 offers responsible watering to any home.

The compact nature of this indoor controller makes it ideal for installing inside the home. It’s external power supply simply plug’s into a mains powered point to commence operation.

Programming the PRO46 is quite easy. The centre selection dial takes you directly to the function you need. Then by using the navigational buttons, either increase or decrease any of the pre-set values, or scroll through the program to the next section by using either arrow buttons.

CO1444 – 4 stationCO1446 – 6 station

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