Having fresh herbs available at home can be expensive and depending on the herb, it is not always available at your supermarket. Unless you constantly buy fresh herbs you are left to either purchase lightly dried herbs that will only last 4 weeks or fully dried herbs in a glass jar that no longer contain the original nutrients.

The solution to having cost effective fresh herbs in your home all year round is our Holman GreenWall Benchtop. Our Benchtop is fully mobile; it can be next to your stove when cooking in your kitchen or next to your BBQ when entertaining outside. The Benchtop includes 8 pots that can be filled with any of your favourite herbs. If you have homemade pizza once a week, fill it with all the herbs you add to your pizza. If you cook with parsley regularly then you can fill all 8 pots with fresh parsley. The Benchtop has endless possibilities.

One of our favourite features about the GreenWall Benchtop is that it is a great way to introduce your kids to the garden and get them fully involved. Your children can take this on as their own project. They can have the excitement of purchasing the seedlings from Bunnings and planting them in the pots at home. You can explain to them the importance of watering the seedlings, and then enjoy the excitement when the seedlings turn into fresh eatable herbs.


Plant the herbs into the Benchtop pots outside to avoid soil being spilt inside. It should take an average of 15 minutes to set up and plant. To promote the best growth of your herbs we recommend placing it near a window with a light curtain. The Benchtop is not only convenient to have inside but also makes a great garden feature. It is a fantastic way to bring greenery into your home and liven up any blank space.

  1. Choose a selection of 8 herbs and purchase the seedlings
  2. Remove the plant from its original pot and place it into a Benchtop pot
  3. Fill the pot with extra soil if required and push down until the soil is slightly compact
  4. Repeat this process for all 8 Benchtop pots
  5. Insert the planted pots into the Benchtop



The recommended soil to use in the Benchtop pots is a vertical garden potting mix. This can be purchased at Bunnings for $6.50. We suggest using a good potting mix from the beginning to get a long life out of your new herbs. If the herb is looked after correctly you should receive continual regrowth for up to a year.


The Benchtop has an inbuilt irrigation system. Tip water into the included funnel and each pot will be watered evenly. It is suggested to always keep the soil moist. The best thing about the inbuilt irrigation system is that it makes no mess. If there is any excess water it filters down into the drip tray at the bottom of the Benchtop. This means growing herbs in your home with no mess!


  • 1x Holman GreenWall Benchtop GW1008
  • 8 x Herb seedlings
  • 1 x Vertical Garden Potting Mix

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