Impress your loved ones with a Holman gift this Christmas! We’ve got you covered this holiday season with our annual guide full of the best gardening gadgets to help make the most of your backyard this summer.

All prices correct as of 29 November 2018 via the Bunnings website.

Galvanised Watering Cans

From $9.23

Our range of stylish watering cans are perfect for hand watering your indoor or courtyard plants. Available in a range of colours sure to compliment any space.

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Available at Bunnings

Thumb Control Multi‑Function Gun


The perfect gift for those who struggle to squeeze regular trigger guns. This thumb control gun makes watering a pleasure with the easy flick of a lever.

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Available at Bunnings

Misting Kits

From $39.99

Cool down your entertaining area this summer with our easy to install DIY Misting System. The super fine mist is perfect for cooling patios, pergolas and animal shelters.

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Available at Bunnings

Raised Garden Beds

From $49

Available in 150mm and 300mm depths, our modular and easily expandable Raised Garden Bed system is ideal for growing your own veggies or adding greenery to any space.

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Available at Bunnings

4‑Tier and Walk‑In Greenhouses


Now available in two handy sizes, our Greenhouses are perfect for growing veggies and propagating seeds all year round. Pair with a BTX1 Tap Timer to ensure a consistently humid environment.

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Available at Bunnings

Vertical GreenWall™


Transform any wall, pillar or fence into a statement design feature or accessible herb garden with the Modular Vertical Garden Kit. Create your own wall garden at any height preventing body strain for gardeners with problems bending or digging. Connect multiple kits together to create a true statement!

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Available at Bunnings

WaterWhiz™ Tap Timers

From $69.90

Our WaterWhiz™ Tap Timer range features one, two or four individually programmable outlets giving you full control of your watering schedule. Perfect for mixed plantings, lawns and water restrictions whether you’re at home or on holiday.

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Available at Bunnings

Retractable Hose Reels

From $74.90

Available in 10m, 20m and 30m hoses, our range of Retractable Hose Reels are ideal Christmas gifts for anyone looking to tidy up their hose storage. Suitable for balconies, courtyards and large gardens.

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Available at Bunnings

Mobile GreenWall™


Green up any space with our Mobile GreenWall™; the ideal garden for renters and homeowners alike. The inbuilt irrigation system delivers water to each individual pot making it the ultimate low maintenance gift!

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Available at Bunnings

iWeather™ Station


Pre plan your family outdoor adventures with our iWeather™ Station. The two‑part system consists of a data gathering station that is mounted outside which wirelessly transmits weather information to the included LCD screen inside your home.

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Available at Bunnings

Travelling Sprinkler

From $116.50

Our unique Travelling Sprinkler is ideal for large lawns. Its self‑propelled and designed to deliver superior water distribution meaning you can turn it on and relax while it waters your garden for you!

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Available at Bunnings

Spotlight Starter Kit


Extend your summer nights in the garden with our new Spotlight Starter Kit. The easy and expandable connection system means you can continue adding our Garden Lights to create the ultimate landscape design. The starter pack includes four 2‑Pin Plug + Socket Warm White Spotlights, Cables and a Bluetooth® Lightsource controller.

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Available at Bunnings

Li‑ion Battery Powered Retractable Hose Reel


The future of hose reels is here with our new battery powered Lithium Ion Retractable Hose Reel. Comfortably pull the hose out to its full length and easily rewind at the touch of a button. Brass Grip ‘n’ Lock hose fittings are included, which guarantee no leaks, bursts or blow‑offs.

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