Help your mum around her home and garden with these Mother’s Day gift and project ideas.

Check out our curated guide to six Holman gifts of service guaranteed to impress the special woman in your life.

Create a living GreenWall™ feature with one of our kits

We supply a range of innovative growing systems perfect for entertaining areas, smaller spaces or apartments where traditional gardening space is limited. Vertical gardens are ideal for growing edible plants, creating a living feature wall or adding greenery to any space. Learn how to set up your own vertical garden here.

Tidy up Mum’s hose storage with a Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Hose Reels keep your backyard tidy, protect your garden hose from the elements, and are available in three handy sizes. For mums suffering from stiff joints or arthritis, the new Battery Powered Hose Reel is fully automatic and features a handy motorised mechanism making it easier than ever to operate. For a complete guide to installing a Holman Retractable Hose Reel, check out our video tutorial here.

The Garden Spotlight Starter Kit is the perfect gift for mums who love entertaining

Well placed spotlights draw attention to feature plants and make gardens feel expansive, adding mood and character to home BBQs and parties. Our Bluetooth® controlled lighting range is a great option to create depth and ambience in the garden, while increasing home security. Check out our tips for DIY Outdoor Lighting Designs here.

Transform unused space with a modular Raised Garden Bed, perfect for growing herbs and veggies around the home

Our Raised Garden Beds are set up in minutes without the need for tools or bolts. They’re completely modular and easily assembled on pavers, concrete or grass making them ideal for any space or rental homes. Available in different sizes and depths, these portable planters are the perfect fit for any outdoor area.

Climb up to the roof and clean the gutters

Keeping gutters clean from assorted debris is an integral and ongoing task for all homeowners. To help you execute the ultimate gift of service, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to cleaning residential gutters here.

Set-up an automated Micro Irrigation System for self sufficient garden beds

Micro irrigation systems are ideal for minimising water wastage and ensuring plants are getting the exact amount of water they need. Drip irrigation is simple and cost effective to install and will save plenty of time and energy hand watering plants. Score extra brownie points by automating the system with a Tap Timer for a completely self‑sufficient garden. For a full shopping list and step‑by‑step guide to irrigating pot plants, check out our video tutorial here.

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  1. Greenwall would be my best pick among in the list. As a florist, I will mix it with flowers. Since I am gonna spoil my mum, I will also choose the retractable hose reel and the garden spotlight. These things will make my mum happy when she’s taking care of her garden as well as just taking a rest. Thank you for sharing wonderful gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

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