tips for gardening in rental spaces

If you’re renting a property, you might not be able to dig up your landlord’s garden. Or you don’t want to invest time and money into greening up a space that you might have to leave.

Luckily, some of us here at Holman HQ are renters ourselves! We’ve compiled a few tips for gardening and inexpensive ideas to make planting and your dream garden a reality. Regardless of your living situation.

Holman Vertical GreenWall

1. Grow Vertical

Whether you’re after impressive trailing plants or a lush edible herb garden, Vertical GreenWalls are the ideal urban growing solution. If you have a  landlord who won’t mind a few holes, the panels can be easily screwed into outdoor walls.

If you’re not allowed to drill holes in the walls, swing by your local hardware store. They should have S hooks you can use to hang the GreenWall panels instead. Both options are quickly and easily to dissemble so you can relocate your garden to your next place without a hassle.


2. Micro Irrigation

Micro Irrigation is an easy and affordable watering solution, guaranteed to save you plenty of time and energy hand watering your plants! Our black poly pipe is easy to bend, cut and can fit to any garden size and shape. Place near the base of your plants for more direct watering.

We also supply a range of micro fittings such as drippers and sprayers to cover all your watering needs. To find out more about installing your own DIY Micro Irrigation check out our blog!

15m Portable Cart

3. Easily move around in your Garden

If you are renting or find it useful to move your whole hose reel around your outdoor area, for example to wash your car, then portable hose carts are a great solution for hose storage.

They can either be picked up with ease or wheeled around depending on the model you choose. If you would prefer a permanent solution, a Retractable Hose Reel only requires a few screws for mounting. They allow you to easily unwind the hose & retract without any kinks or tangles.

Aspect Wi-Fi Analyst Weather Station

4. Monitor your Forecast

Weather Stations are a clever and easy way of keeping tabs on your local weather patterns. As local as your own backyard! Weather occurrences, like rainfall, can often vary slightly between suburbs.

The difference may seem negligible to some people. But to others, the data collected could mean skipping a watering day because of experienced overnight rain. Holman Weather Stations can collect up to 14 data points from your backyard and deliver them directly to you.

5. Reuse and Recycle

Save on expensive and non eco-friendly fertilizers by incorporating sustainable practices into your gardening. It can be as easy as saving your coffee grinds as a cheap additive to your compost, worm farm or top soil, and a DIY solution for keeping pests at bay.

You can also look into composting bins to minimise food wastage at home. Compost Bins are available in a range of sizes and price points at your local hardware store.

Endeavour School Raised Garden Bed

6. Grow your own veggies

Innovative growing systems like our Raised Garden Beds allow you to grow plants and vegetables where ever you like, without having to permanently install a garden bed, or dig up the ground.

The modular system allows you to create any size and shape that you like, to work in with your current living space. Plus, you can take them with you when you go!

If you give any of these tips for gardening a go, let us know!

Send us your photos or tag us in your pictures on Instagram with #SMARTGARDENER. We love to see what you get up to in the garden!

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