Get creative with your smart gardening this Christmas! We have gift options for every type of gardener. From the beginner, to the expert, there is something here that everyone needs.

All prices correct as of 1 November 2020 via the Bunnings website.


Misting Kits

Cool down your entertaining area with our easy to install DIY Misting Kit. Available in 7m kits, the super fine mist is perfect for cooling patios, pergolas and animal shelters. When not used in summer, it can be used for watering greenhouses or delicate plants!


Bluetooth Irrigation Controller

The BTX8 Bluetooth Irrigation Contoller is the ultimate way to control your irrigation from your smartphone. Control up to 8 zones with 3x start times per day, seven days a week! It’s rain sensor compatible and has manual or automatic watering options.

Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller

For the tech savvy friend or family member, our RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller helps enhance any garden! For advanced smartphone control and lighting features, this is a great upgrade for any existing Holman Garden Lighting set-ups.


Benchtop GreenWall

Have fresh herbs this Christmas right at your finger tips with the Holman Benchtop GreenWall™, it’s the perfect accompany to any kitchen or small outdoor space. It also comes completely assembled (including a watering system), just add soil and plants!


Pixel Pot Vertical Planting Kit

The Pixel Pot Vertical Planting Kit is a great gift idea for people who need to liven up a wall or have limited outdoor space. They can be placed anywhere and the modular design allows you to connect as many as you like. The perfect gift of ‘room for more plants’!


4 Tier Greenhouse

Create a nursery in your own backyard with a 4 Tier Greenhouse. The perfect size for smaller gardens, but with plenty of room for you! Ideal for growing veggies and propagating seeds all year round, it creates a humid environment perfect for seedlings.


Raised Garden Bed

For people wanting to grow their own veggies, or new gardeners wanting to expand, our Raised Garden Bed system is ideal! Completely DIY, with no tools, bolts or screws required. This modular system can be placed on grass, pavers and concrete.

Grip ‘n’ Lock Fittings

Avoid leaks, drips and blow offs this Christmas with the Holman range of Grip ‘n’ Lock Hose Fittings. A unique barbed tail grips the inside, while the separate plastic compression ring locks down the outside creating a superior strong connection.


Watering Cans

Our range of stylish Watering Cans are perfect for monitoring how much water you’re using, and for hand watering indoor or courtyard plants. Available in a range of colours and sizes. The perfect starter gift for the beginner gardener, or stocking filler!


Digital Tap Timer

This Digital Tap Timer is a great gift for the friend or family member needing to water pots, hanging baskets, shrub areas, flower beds and even small lawns. The digital screen makes it easy to see your programming options all in once place.

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