6 weeks ago we started an Autumn planting project, growing vegetables and herbs from seeds in a greenhouse.

We installed a Holman Misting Kit into a greenhouse which created a fine mist and a humid environment ideal for seed germination and rapid growth. To see part 1 of this project view “Holman Garden Tip: Growing Plants from Seeds”.

Our seeds have now flourished into large healthy seedlings and they are now ready to be transferred into the GreenWall.

A GreenWall is great for 2 reasons; 1) The seedlings will mature in the GreenWall and will continue growth until they are ready to be harvest. 2) The GreenWall will produce a grand feature wall that will brighten up any outdoor space.

To begin, setup your GreenWall following “How to create a GreenWall”.

What you will need:

• 3x Holman GreenWall Vertical Planting Kit

• Coir Potting Mix

• Premium Potting Mix

• Small gardening shovel

• Holman Misting Tap Timer

• Garden Hose + connectors

• Your seedlings


  • Plan the layout of your vertical garden.
  • Layout the pots in an area suitable for planting.
  • Fill the pots 3/4 with a nutrient rich potting mix. Our recommended soil is 1/3 Coir Potting Mix and 2/3 of a Premium Potting Mix. Coir Potting Mix improves the soils water holding capacity and improves plant growth.
  • Gently remove the seedlings from the tray and transfer them into the GreenWall pots, keeping the seedling roots and soil intact.
  • Carefully press the seedling roots into the new soil.
  • Add more potting mix to the pots if necessary, the seedling needs to be secured in the pot.


One of the best things about the GreenWall is its inbuilt watering system, each pot will be individually watered by simply connecting a garden hose or poly pipe at one of the connection points.

As the pots in the GreenWall are compact we suggest a frequent watering schedule in small amounts. We recommend 2 – 3 times per day for 30 seconds – 1 minute. This will vary depending on your plant selection, temperature and direct sunlight.

To work out what is the best time to water watch how long it takes for the pot to overflow. Then reduce this time by a few seconds.For automatic and accurate watering, we suggest using a Holman Misting Tap Timer which allows a second and minute watering schedule.

In a few weeks your seedlings should be ready to harvest!

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