Transitioning from Spring into Summer can take a toll on your lawn.

From the added heat and less water, your lawn can quickly go from the lush green colour it was throughout spring, to dry and fragile. We’ve put together our top tips on keeping your lawn green and what you can do to give it the helping hand it needs coming into summer.

*Please check with your local Water Authorities if there are any restrictions in your area before you commence watering.


The first simple, but drastic step that can make all the difference with keeping your lawn green, is the correct watering time. It may not seem like a big change moving your watering time back a few hours, but to your lawn, it makes all the difference. By watering early in the morning, before the sun and heat kicks in, gives your lawn enough time to absorb water. Watering in the heat of the day can leave hot water on your lawn, which can burn the blades of your grass. We suggest to water early in the morning, before 9am, or in the evening, after 5pm.


Mowing your lawn every two to three weeks throughout summer should be more than enough to keep it looking neat. During Summer, we recommend raising the height of your lawn mower, so your grass is a little longer. By having longer blades of grass, this will help your lawn hold more moisture and therefore, staying greener. The most suitable time to mow your lawn in Summer is in the evening, this allows the freshly cut grass to heal before being hit with the sun again and will stop any browning of the edges.


Over time, the soil underneath your grass can become very compact. This process can result in complications for your lawn including poor water drainage, bad air circulation and nutrient absorption. The easiest way to allow your lawn to breathe again is through perforating/aerating the soil. If you have a small lawn, using a simple pitchfork or other handheld aerating tools will do. For larger areas, we suggest hiring a machine to do the work for you.


The start of Spring, Summer and Autumn are the best times of year to fertilise your lawn. Specifically in Spring as all the extra cuttings over winter may have depleted the nutrient levels in your lawn. A quick easy way to deliver the extra nutrients to your lawn is through a spray on fertiliser. There are many options available that attach directly onto your garden hose to make the process easier.

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