With the weather cooling down and long weekends ahead, now is the perfect time to start a family gardening project! It’s a great place to start educating kids on how food is grown and can be a fun outdoor family activity for everyone.


Prepare Your Garden

Pick your spot where you would like to start! Get the kids to help you weed and tidy up before adding any new additions to the garden. If you’re planting a garden bed – this is great time to add air to the soil, which in turn, will help plant growth!

Kids Gardening Projects - Planning
Kids Gardening Projects - Plant Choice

Plant Choice

Being able to grow your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to teach kids about food nutrition and where produce comes from. Big and bright coloured flowers or tasty fruit and veggies are also a fun reward for all their hard work in the garden! We recommend choosing plants that are easy and quick to grow such as Snap Peas, Sunflowers, Radishes, Marigolds, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Carrots and Pansies.

Kids Gardening Projects - Greenhouse
Kids Gardening Projects - Greenhouse
Kids Gardening Projects - Greenhouse

Raise Seeds in a Greenhouse

Watching seeds grow can be a very rewarding experience for adults and children alike! Its a great way to teach kids about plant life cycles, germination and where food comes from. Having a Greenhouse is an inexpensive way to have seedlings all year round and keep your garden beds full. A Greenhouse will protect them from harsh elements such as rain and wind – while keeping them warm in the cooler months. If you need further information about propagating seeds check out our blog below.

Create a Herb Garden

If you’re renting or have a small outdoor space then a GreenWall is a great alternative for your family to create a vertical garden. It’s easy to install, just make sure to make it little lower so kids can reach it! It’s the ideal set up for teaching kids how to grow, harvest, prepare and share seasonal herbs and food at home. Grow up to six or more varieties or herbs or plants with our Vertical Planting Kit, or use a Mobile GreenWall – it can be wheeled around the garden to follow the sun or shade.

Watering Your Plants

Watering is one of the simplest but most enjoyable parts of gardening! Getting your kids a small watering can will make them feel more involved and teach them about long term plant care. Our 1.8L Watering Can is perfect for smaller hands and has two handles for better balance.

Keep the Kids Safe!

Kids love to be hands on in any project, so getting them their own set of gardening gloves and (if they’re old enough) a small spade is a great way they can feel involved in your gardening project whilst keeping them out of trouble. Gardening organically to avoid chemicals is recommended and make sure to always put on a hat and sunscreen even in the shade!

If you have any further ideas for kids gardening projects – let us know or tag us in a photo on Instagram @holmangarden! We love seeing your gardening projects and getting amongst the #smartgardeners.

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