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A quick guide on the best uses for Warm White and RGB lighting in your garden. So you know exactly which lighting system is best for your next project!

Garden lighting is a fantastic way to improve your outdoor space all year long. The lighting of your space affects the entire feeling of your backyard at night. Do you want colourful lights to highlight your trees and foliage, or warmth to illuminate a set of steps? We’ll go through the basics so you make the right choice for your yard the first time around.

When to use Warm White Light

For a traditional garden feeling that is cosy and inviting. Warm White lighting is best for visibility and adding warmth to architectural elements. A good rule of thumb: use warmer colour temperatures of around 2500k-3000k to highlight structures. Try installing Warm White Deck Lights to create the perfect warm ambience for patios. If safety is your priority, use path lights for visibility and spotlights to illuminate steps at night.

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 One thing to note

Warm White lighting systems run on a 2-Pin connection and only allow for Warm White light to be displayed. If you are looking to liven up your space with the entire colour spectrum, keep scrolling for tips to best use RGB lights around your garden!

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Choosing the right materials for warm lighting tones

Start with a Warm White Bluetooth Garden Light Controller. Our Garden Light Controller gives you custom scenes and full brightness control with Bluetooth® connection and the iGardener™ app.

We recommend hooking up a maximum of 60W of garden lights to a controller to ensure your lights are looking their best. The cable system is DIY-friendly and fully expandable with 2-Pin cables

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When to use RGB Lighting and cooler tones

Give your garden and outdoor space a modern look with an abundance of colour. RGB lighting is perfect to achieve cooler colour tones and showcase the natural beauty of your plants and greenery.

Why not make use of reflective surfaces to disperse light? Bathe a painted wall area in your team’s colours using RGB spotlights. Make it completely your own!

outdoor lighting RGB Spotlights

 One thing to note

It is possible to create white light with RGB lighting—however, the result will look more ‘bright white’ than ‘warm white’.
For a true ‘warm white’ effect, please select the Warm White Bluetooth Garden Light Contoller and the 2-pin Warm White lights.

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What you’ll need for a modern lighting effect

You’ll first need a RGB Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller. Connecting to Wi-Fi via the Holman Home app gives you the freedom to adjust the colour, intensity and saturation of your lights and create custom scenes. Next, choose your garden lighting from our RGB range. For the optimum look, remember to connect a maximum of 60W of lights for one controller. Expand your lighting system with 4-Pin cables and enjoy a whole the new dynamic of your space!

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