Our 4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit creates a perfectly humid environment ideal for seed propagation. It is an easy to assemble product, and its narrow size is great for gardens, courtyards and balconies.

The seedlings in your Greenhouse will want an outdoor full-sun to part-sun position all year round, depending on the climate of your location. This Greenhouse is easy to move due to its smaller overall size, so moving it seasonally as the weather changes is easily done.

Set up the Greenhouse

  • Begin setting up the greenhouse by laying out all the parts.
  • Assemble the side panels that form the base and connect with two horizontal beams using the outside holes.
  • Insert the third middle support beam. Ensure you push the beams into the holes firmly.
  • Insert the upright beams to build the next level and insert the side panels.
  • Repeat these steps for the remaining two levels.
  • Assemble the roof beams by inserting them into the top most side panels and push them in firmly.
  • Lay down the four supplied mesh shelf inserts.
  • We suggest weighing down your Greenhouse with a few house bricks if you live in a windy area to give it additional stability.

Install the Misting System

  • To install the misting system, begin by connecting up the black poly pipe.
  • Connect two lengths of pipe at a 90 degree angle using the supplied elbow connector.
  • Place the supplied end cap onto one piece, and connect a second piece of poly pipe to the other.
  • Trim the last piece of poly pipe to the length of the Greenhouse and using a second elbow connector, connect the small piece you just cut off.
  • Insert the hose connector to the end of this pipe.
  • Attach the poly pipe along the width of the top most side panel and length of the Greenhouse with supplied clips, which slot into each other.
  • To insert the sprayers, punch two holes into the top piece of poly pipe one thirds and two thirds down its length. Twist in the drippers with the yellow end inside the poly pipe.

Put on the cover

  • Unzip the door of the clear cover and pull it over the Greenhouse frame.
  • Secure the cover ties at the base of the frame.
  • Opening and closing the cover door will regulate humidity and temperature of the Greenhouse.
  • Keep the door open most days so your plants do not overheat, especially in summer.
  • Closing the door on cold days and at night ensures your Greenhouse maintains a warmer temperature.

Sow Your Seeds

  • Use premium Seed Raising Mix for optimal seed propagation results.
  • Fill your seedling trays with Seed Raising Mix and gently smooth off any excess soil.
  • Do not compact the soil. Sprinkle two or three seeds per punnet (depending on the variety you are using), and lightly sprinkle some more Seed Raising Mix to cover.
  • Give the finished seed trays a spray of water using the mist setting on your hose gun, and place them on the Greenhouse shelves.

Watering your Seed Trays

  • Once the plants are in place, connect a hose from your tap and click it into the hose connection at the base of the Greenhouse. When the tap is turned on, the misting system will operate.
  • You can also connect the misting system to a Holman Bluetooth Tap Timer. This will provide your seedlings with regular automated watering.
  • The length of watering will vary depending on the location of your Greenhouse and how many seedling trays you have within it. We recommend checking the soil moisture after the first few waterings and altering the schedule as necessary.

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    1. Hi Julia,

      I am sorry to learn that you have had to replace your Greenhouse cover. It can depend on your climate and placement in your garden. For optimum longevity for your Greenhouse cover, we suggest avoiding very windy positions and spots where the frame may stand in water for long periods. Washing off heavy dirt or dust deposits and removing bird droppings with soapy water. And placing in partial sunlight instead of full sun. Our customer service team will be able to assist further with any inquiries regarding our Greenhouses to ensure you are getting the best result. Please contact support@holmanindustries.com.au directly to get in touch!

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