Summer is here now and temperatures are now reaching their peak. Give your plants what they need the most right now. Watering your plants regularly throughout the next few weeks is crucial.

In Australia, we can experience dry and hot summers that can be damaging to your garden if you are not prepared. Losing plants due to dehydration can be avoided over the next few weeks.

HOLMAN PC SHRUBBLER (Pressure compensating drippers)

Our PC shrubblers are fantastic for small garden beds and pot plants. The shrubblers can spike directly into your poly pipe or can be attached to ground spikes. Our shrubblers are great at keeping your soil moist and plants hydrated as the water directs straight down to the plant roots eliminating water stress.

Holman Shrubblers


Our brass micro spray jets are great at providing sufficient water to small garden areas. The micro spray jets are one of the more efficient sprays when watering an area that does not receive wind. The jets are available in full, ½ and ¼ circle sprays, it is important you purchase the correct jet and water only your garden, not pathways. Our brass micro spray jets spike directly into poly pipe, paired with a tap timer you can set up automatic watering.

Holman Micro Jets


We suggest using our mini spray jets in large garden beds with perennial plants and dense foliage. The brass mini jets are durable and available in half and full circle sprays. Our mini jets offer greater water distribution and 2 -3m deep soaking in a short period of time. Simply attach the mini jets to your poly-threaded risers.

Holman Mini Brass Jets


Our butterfly sprinkler heads are ideal for low-pressure systems and is a great and easy way to set up sprinklers in your garden. The butterfly heads provide good water distribution and accurate delivery to the plant’s root region. Connect the butterfly sprinkler heads to poly – threaded risers and ensure the spray has a 50% overlap. Depending on your water pressure our Butterfly Heads spray 3 -4 metres.

Holman Mini Butterfly


Drip tube is ideal for delivering accurate water to garden beds and vegetable patches. Lay the drip tube across your garden bed in long runs for complete coverage. Our drip tube is water efficient and delivers water directly to the root zone. This minimises evaporation and water waste.

Holman Miniscape


Our poly pipe is great for setting up sprinklers permanently in large gardens or used in garden beds for drippers and emitters. Run your poly pipe across your garden and spike/ attach any of the above sprinkler heads. Poly pipe is UV stabilised which is more suited for harsh Australian weather condition. If your sprinklers are going to be assembled permanently we suggest using poly pipe over a garden hose.

Holman Poly Pipe


We have a large range of lawn sprinklers which are easily connected to a hose ranging from dome sprinklers to adjustable sprinklers and even a traveling tractor sprinkler. It is highly important to regularly water your lawn during summer to encourage growth and to keep it in good condition. All of our sprinklers have easy installation as simple as attaching it to your garden hose. Our oscillating sprinkler is our sprinkler that waters large sections of lawn. When it is set to maximum coverage it can cover 200m2. The oscillating sprinkler has two adjustment levers that adjust the spray angle to suit your lawn.



Popup sprinklers are best used as part of an irrigation system run off your mains. For an ultimate summer proof lawn, we recommend setting up an irrigation system with K-Rain pop-up sprinklers, K-Rain solenoid valves and controller. This is ideal, as you will receive accurate watering every time.

If you already have popup sprinklers installed now it is a great time to repair any damage. Run your sprinklers and ensure they all pop up and spray correctly. If you see any dry patches on your lawn this may indicate that your nozzles are blocked. Replace any blocked nozzles and ensure you flush your system from any debris. Dry patches can also indicate that your sprinklers are exposed to wind.

Holman Tip: If your area receives high wind replace your nozzles with our K-Rain Rotary Nozzles for a stronger spray and less evaporation.



Our Holman Bluetooth® Tap Timer allows you to control your watering at your fingertips! The Holman Bluetooth® Tap timer is operated by our iWater App that can control up to 8 tap timers. The Holman Bluetooth® Tap Timer is perfect for operating shrubblers, micro spray jets, drip tube and lawn sprinklers or GreenWalls that are connected to poly pipe or a garden hose.



The Holman Misting Kit will keep you cool during the hot summer. The misting spray can reduce your outdoor temperature by up to 10 degrees. It is perfect to cool down patios, recreation and pet areas. The Misting Kit has easy installation and is DIY with spare parts available. This gives you the freedom to create a misting system specifically designed to your area. Pair our Misting system with a Holman Misting Tap Timer to set a spray schedule of short bursts and even delayed burst.

Holman Misting Kit


Our Retractable Hose Reel is a fantastic product to assist with quick and easy watering during summer. If you want quick hand held watering our Retractable Hose Reel is a great asset to your garden, simply pull out the hose at the lenght you require and it will stop at any position. The Retractable Hose Reel includes a spray gun and a 7-star kink resisting hose and are available in 10m, 20m and 30m model. The Retractable Hose Reel has a clever rewind mechanism that automatically and neatly stores the hose in the reel which leaves no mess in your garden and a hose that’s always ready to use.



Our Hi-Flow Nozzle works great with our Retractable Hose Reel. The twist nozzle makes it ideal for all types of gardening and cleaning. The Hi-Flow Nozzle has a spray pattern that adjusts from jet stream, which is great for outdoor cleaning and watering large areas of lawn, to cone spray that will gently water your plants. Our Hi-Flow Nozzle is available in both plastic and solid brass, which makes the nozzle virtually unbreakable.

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