Cultivate the magic of the season in your garden! We have gardening gift ideas for every type of gardener, from the beginner to the expert. There is something here that everyone needs!


Our ECO Watering Can is the perfect addition to hand watering this Summer. This range is crafted from over 95% recycled plastic, making it a great sustainable choice for your garden. The unique shape and ergonomic handle make it easy to use and perfect for watering indoor and outdoor plants. With 2, 4 and 6L options, it’s also available in 4 colourways! Grab your new watering can in Papaya, Sage, Asphalt and Frost.

The 4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit is perfect for growing seedlings or propagating cuttings. Featuring 4 shelves, built-in misters and a weatherproof transparent cover, the greenhouse creates an ideal humid environment and protects your plants from outside weather. The greenhouse’s size is suitable for large and small outdoor spaces.


Upgrade their garden with a Retractable Hose Reel. Our 30m reel is a great size for reaching every corner of a large sized garden. The simple installation makes these a quick and easy fix for any backyard!

Light up any backyard with our smart wi-fi lighting controllers. Set up smart automations and custom scenes, directly from your mobile. Perfect for lighting up the backyard for entertaining, or just to enjoy!


Make watering products a part of their garden décor! The ColourDip range brings style and personality to any outdoor space. Make a bold statement without sacrificing on quality, ColourDip Hoses and Spray Guns are made from durable, reliable materials to protect against the harsh Aussie sun. The aesthetic design offers a choice in-line with emerging colour trends.

Complete the look with the range of ColourDip Spray Guns with Hose Fittings. Match it to their hose, or mix and match for a fun colourful take on watering. For those who are cautious of introducing too much colour, the ColourDip Gun range will fit onto any standard 12mm garden hose.


Expand your garden without any limits using our modular Raised Garden Beds. The side panels, irrigation kit and end caps for your new Raised Garden Bed are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic! We work with anISO 14001 Certified manufacturer with effective environmental management systems. Connect as many modules as you need to expand on your existing Raised Garden Bed. With one 300mm high bay, this kit alone is perfect to start growing a range of herbs and veggie

Adding fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides to the garden or lawn has never been easier. Our brand new, self pressurised 3L garden sprayer allows users to maintain their garden, without any manual pumping! The EzySpray™ is filled directly from a garden hose and the pressure gauge allows users to easily check water and air pressure levels.

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