We’re here to help you discover the perfect gift this Christmas for your friends and family. Whether they are beginner gardeners, avid green thumbs or just love spending time in their own backyard these gifts are sure to help beautify their gardens.

  All prices correct as at Thursday 7 December 2017 via Bunnings website.

Under $20


1.8L Copper Finished Watering Can

Everyone needs a stylish watering can for hand watering indoor or outdoor plants. This one comes in a trendy copper finish and is sure to compliment any outdoor or indoor area.

Available at Bunnings

Multi Function Gun with Thumb Control

Our Thumb Control Watering Guns are the new way to water. They are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and allow easy adjusting of water flow with the push of the thumb.

Available at Bunnings

Oscillating Sprinkler

Lawn watering has never been so easy with our versatile Oscillating Sprinkler, which has an adjustable spray coverage. It’s also fun to run under on those hot summer days.

Available at Bunnings

Under $50


7m Misting Kit

This Misting Kit makes outdoor entertaining cooler this summer by emitting a super fine mist which cools the air as it evaporates. Pair this with our Bluetooth Controlled BTX1 to set an automated misting schedule on a smartphone.

Available at Bunnings

Benchtop GreenWall

Keep this Benchtop GreenWall close at hand to your outdoor entertaining area or on a kitchen bench. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can’t go wrong with planting some rocket or basil before gifting this Greenwall.

Available at Bunnings

Raised Garden Bed

Our compact 600 × 600mm Raised Garden Bed takes up hardly any space at all, but allows enough room to grow a lush thicket of herbs and veggies. It’s perfect for beginner gardeners, small outdoor spaces and people who are renting.

Available at Bunnings

Under $100


BTX1 Bluetooth Tap Timer

Our brand-new Bluetooth Tap Timer is a great gift idea for any gardener with a love for technology. This clever tap timer will manage your watering schedules via a smartphone.

Available at Bunnings

Retractable Hose Reel

The 20m Retractable Hose Reel is the most popular from our range with enough hose length for most backyards. The modern designed reel is easy to mount on a wall, comes fitted with a spray gun and best of all solve the classic problem of tangled hose.

Available at Bunnings

iWeather Station

A great gift idea for gardeners and outdoor lovers alike who like to stay on top of monitoring weather conditions. The iWeather™ Station wirelessly transmits and displays all the data onto a modern LCD display which can be kept indoors.

Available at Bunnings

Under $150


BTX6 Bluetooth® Smart Controller

With the ability to control up to six different zones, the Bluetooth® controlled BTX6 will schedule and manage watering of bigger backyards all via your smartphone. This clever controller is sure to be a hit with any gardener with a love for technology.

Available at Bunnings

WaterWhiz™ 400 4 Outlet Tap Timer

One of our most intuitive classic tap timers, the WaterWhiz™ 400 is specifically designed for easy programming directly on the timer itself. It features four outlets which makes it perfect for large sized backyards and gardens.

Available at Bunnings

Warm White Manual Garden Light Set Up

Get your friends or family started on their outdoor lighting setup with a selection of DIY white garden lights. This setup is manually controlled by simply turning the power on or off, and can be extended by adding more lights and cables. All lighting products are sold separately, so you can easily pick the lights you desire.

Price includes:
CLW60 Warm White 2-Pin Socket Manual Transformer; $49.98
SLW433 43mm Warm White Spotlights ×3; $23.90
ALCW1 1m Warm White Cable ×3; $6.98

Available at Bunnings

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